Terms and conditions

Arrival and departure:

• The check-in will be made starting with 13:00

• The guests will leave the rooms until 12:00

• At clients request and when the hotel has enough space, special prices can apply for a longer stay in the room, as it follows:

• For staying until 15:00, the clients will be charged with 25% of the price/night

• For staying until 18:00, the clients will be charged with 50% of the price/night

• For any stay lonher that 18 :00, a full price will be applied


• Every person’s check-in will be made by completing the arrival file which will be provided at the reception desk, after some identification documents will be shown.


• For reservations complete the form on the website or contact us by phone:
+40 21 352 60 79, +40 372 746 862; fax +40 21 352 61 53
e-mail: reservation@snagovclub.ro
• The Hotel rooms are non-skoming rooms. A cleaning fee of 300 Euro+Vat will be applied for any guest that will not follow this law

Canceling a reservation:

• Any cancelation of a reservation will be made by contacting the reception.
• No penalties will be applied if the cancelation will be made in a minimum of 3 days ahead.
• The penalty represents the cost of the first day of staying.

• If it is a reservation of 5 or more rooms, the cancelation will be made in a minimum of 10 days ahead of the arrival.
• For groups reservations, please contact the reception.
• In the case of making a phone/fax reservation and you don’t have your datas with you, an early payment will be necesary for the confirmation of the reservation.


• The cost depends on the type of the room and the number of persons.

Payment methods:

• The cash payment is accepted ( RON ) , credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) and bank transfer.

• The payment will be made at the check-in. In case of a long-stay, the payment will be made earlier, or from 3 to 3 days.

Breakfast schedule:

• The breakfast will be served daily, between 08:30 and 11:0 a.m, in the restaurant which is located next to the hotel.


• The hotel is equipped with electrical systems of monitoring the access in the rooms. Although safety measures have been taken, we strongly recommend that all the clients should use the safety boxes from the hotel rooms, for keeping the valuable goods. The management will not be responsible for forgotten, lost or allegedly stolen goods, inside the hotel, in the conference rooms or in the restaurant.


• The Spa does not have a lifeguard on duty. All te persons using the spa ar doijng this at their own risc.
• Children are not allowed to use the Spa withput adult supervision.


• The parking will be made in the space that is allocated for this purpose without any costs, in the limit of the availability.

Special needs:

• We strive to assure the best services towards the persons with special needs. Most of the spaces are accessible for the persons in a wheel-chair. If you have any other demand or if any activity that you would like to perform requires assistance, please do let us know, so we can offer you the most pleasant stay.


• The general rule is that the stay with animals and birds is not allowed. In special cases and only by the hotel approval, the check-in will be made with the national/international health certificate which will be valid and updated.
• The extra fee is 50% of the cost for a person.


• You can receive visitors in your room between 08:00 and 22:00, without any extra costs. In case of receiving guests between 22:00 and 08:00, they will have to pay the fee and register at the reception desk.


• By entering the Snagov Club perimeters, you understand and accept that Snagov Club reserves its right to photograph and film any persons or group in advertising purposes and to use the photos and the images for the promovation of the own site or for use in the social media, as well as for advertising campaigns in Romania and any other countries. By the simple entrance in the Snagov club Area you express your acceptance without any other written statement, that Snagov Club can use the images and the Videos in the above mentioned purposes.
Any person has the right to withdraw from this paragraph and to block the utilization of images and videos with a written request to Snagov Club at 1 B Nufarului Street, Snagov, Ilfov, Romania or via e-mail at reservation@snagovclub.ro


• This represents a continuous concern. The bed clothes and the towels are changed daily or at clients request. For showing us your wish of changing any of this objects, please let the reception know.


• The client is responsible to the hotel for any loss towards other clients, personnel, buildings, furniture or equipments of the hotel, if the mistake/intention can be pointed towards them.
• The hotel will not be held responsible for client’s cars or their items inside the cars.


• We reserve our right to refuse accommodating or serving the clients who are rude, unfriendly, or dangerous in any way possible or can bring damages towards our image or can disturb other clients.


• We reserve our right to offer discounts and bonuses in the purpose of retaining our clients.


• We reserve our right to debit our guests card in the following cases: when you left without paying, when through your activity you produced any kind of losses and when you didn’t canceled your reservation according to the terms that have been mentioned in this document. Any controversy or reclamation that will occur will be firstly seen as something that can be fixed without legal involvement. If this is not possible, it will go under the jurisdiction of Ilfov Court of Law.

Final terms:

• We consider that any client at the point of accessing any service offered by the resort (hotel, restaurant, bar, conference rooms) has acknowledged the terms and conditions mentioned and that this terms and conditions have been clearly accepted.

• The Hotel Policy can be modified or changed at any time without further notice.