Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Each event in the right place

The variety and flexibility of the spaces available at the Snagov Club, the multitude of amenities as well as the extensive experience of our staff allow us to organize any type of corporate event. Due to their independent technical facilities, the restaurants, the pavilion, the garden and the pool bar can equally function as locations for such events, together or independently depending on the number of participants and type of event.

In the Lake Pavilion


With a modern architecture, built of steel and glass, the Lake Pavilion has a capacity of 150 guests and is the perfect choice for large events such as cocktails, product launches, press conferences, presentations, training sessions, seminars etc. The lake vicinity and the opening to the pier allow, on sunny days, to extend the pavilion with another 54 seats on the lake shore terrace. A generous space, rich in natural light and with a wonderful perspective to the waterfront, the Lake Pavilion will meet the most refined and demanding requirements. The high-performance technical amenities include an individual sound system, the possibility to project images on screen or on a large wall. The internet connectivity and the exquisite services of our staff recommend this location for events in which luxury and etiquette meet the reinvigorating freshness of nature.

In the Versailles Garden   


Located between the Lake Pavilion and the 3 restaurants, the elegant Versailles Garden is ready to host your open air events. Spread on two levels, fit to accommodate up to 126 guests, the garden can complete the necessary space for large events in which diversity is the key element. The participants can choose sunny spots or the scented, thick shade of the monumental pine trees, while the tables can be set individually or in groups, according to needs.

A private setting: the British and French Salons


If you are planning for a training, a presentation or a workshop with smaller number of participants, the two salons are the ideal choice. With a capacity of 40 guests, the British Salon offers both the necessary technical amenities and the flexibility in arranging the tables. Having a similar capacity (38 guests) and mirroring the British Salon, the French Salon is equally endowed technically. The two can function together if needed. The vicinity of the Versailles Garden, the generous balconies and the Venetian Restaurant will make the coffee breaks very relaxing and enjoyable.

On team building

You have finally found the ideal location for a team building! Snagov Club is the place that offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for a rich range of activities along with accommodation facilities.

The three restaurants and the Lake Pavilion are available for inside activities, be they presentations, games or simply well-deserved lunch or coffee breaks. The exterior terraces and the lake vicinity will guarantee both the efficiency of breaks and the focus of participants.

The Versailles Garden is the ideal place for outside activities and, if extravagance is what you want,  the Pool Bar is available for  games or activities that will mobilize your team.

The 22 rooms of the hotel are ready to offer all participants moments of total relaxation and comfort after a challenging day of unforgettable experiences.

Activities and Relaxation

  • Hotel
  • Pool-Bar
  • Spa Center
  • Indoor or outdoor cooking classes
  • Boat rides
  • Minigolf
  • Wine tasting with the best Sommeliers
  • Bike rental
  • Kayac rental
  • Initiation classes in arts
  • Big British Bucharest Quiz
  • Indoor/outdoor golf simulator with trainer
  • Dinner in the Sky

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