Spa Center

Pampering for the body and senses

Relax irrespective of the season!

The magic ambiance, with a constant, controlled temperature of approximately 31 degrees Celsius irrespective of the outside weather, welcomes you to the SPA Center daily, between 9:00 and 20:00 hrs. The multifunctional indoor pool with integrated Jacuzzi has a generous size (40sqm), crystal-clear water and a curtain-waterfall. The interior, with a refined design inspired by the elegant Roman thermae, is embellished with exotic plants and endowed with comfortable chaise-longs. During the day, the pool benefits from natural light gently filtered through the sanded windows, while in the evenings it turns magical by reflecting tens of lit stars on the ceiling above the water.

The water can pamper or fortify you, as you wish!

For centuries, the power of water has been molding the world we live in. All this power and a variety of water moves are available to you at the multifunctional pool of the Snagov Club SPA Center. Equally suitable for fitness, massage and relaxation, the pool offers you a curtain waterfall, strong underwater jets and Jacuzzi.

The sun shines at your command!

Yes, that is possible when a high-performance tanning booth is at your disposal , ready to give you the much-desired tan even on a cloudy day.

Dry sauna or Turkish bath?

Detoxify your body at the SPA Center, choosing the dry sauna or the Turkish bath (steam sauna), according to your preferences. We recommend both: the dry sauna works perfectly with a dive in the pool, while the steam sauna, using eucalyptus-scented steam, is most welcome after intense exercising in the fitness room.

You feel your muscles are tense? Now is the time to relax each each and every one of them!

A professional masseur will be available for you (based on advance booking) so that you can enjoy all the benefits of the maintenance, relaxation or anti-cellulite massage. After a 30-minute massage, you will feel light as a feather and each of your muscles will be grateful for the truly pampering experience.

Stay in shape!

If you have accumulated energy and want to actively use it, modeling your body at the same time, the fitness room of the SPA Center offers you a multi- functional set of equipments to train all the main muscle groups.