Mouth-watering dishes and 6 different ambient styles for you to choose from

You can choose from a long list of refined and sophisticated dishes or traditional foods that make the best of the savor of always fresh ingredients. You can choose between the intimate atmosphere of the British Salon (non-smoking) or the French one (smoking), between the classic elegance and the glittering view of the lake from the Venetian Restaurant, the light and view of the garden and water from the Lake Pavilion, the discreet terraces, the light breeze on the Pier or the scented atmosphere in the Versailles Garden.

If you want to get an idea on the variety of dishes you can enjoy at the Snagov Club, check our basic menu. Yet you must know that our passionate Chef will always come up with new ideas for the Menu of the Day and he will also prepare, upon request, many other delicious dishes.

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Elegant atmosphere: the Venetian Salon


Enjoy the specialties prepared by our talented Chef in a classy atmosphere, with a view to the lake and soft music.

Intimate feel: the British Salon and the French Salon

If you prefer a warmer, more intimate atmosphere, the British Salon, of 40 seats, and the French Salon, of 38 seats, are available to you.

The Lake Pavilion


If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of the Snagov Lake and admire the colors of the garden at the same time, choose the Lake Pavilion – a modern jewel made of glass that reflects the water glow and the shivering shadows of the pines.

At the heart of nature: the Versailles Garden


In the Versailles Garden, you can find sunny spots or sit under the scented shadow of the pines; or you can choose one of the more private tables on the terrace by the salons.

A visual taste of our foods